Monday, September 24, 2012

Decide Yourself: (Part 4 of 4): Avenues of Style

Hello butterflies!

I am closing the series with Style...

Style is such a loaded idea to me! Where should I begin?

When I think of style these are the concepts that come to mind:
  • Swag
  • Comfort
  • Individual Expression
  • Initial Impression
  • Personal Brand 

Let's face it, in this day and age many of us wear many different hats (different roles) in our lives and we need outfits to go with those hats! Unfortunately, we all can't have Stacy and Clinton walk us through "What Not To Wear" but we can look in a mirror and decide if our attire is proper for the role we are playing or the brand we are selling. 

With all of the influence of pop culture, couture designs and hollywood icons we all fall victim to conforming to what the world tells us to wear. The major topic among bloggers and magazines is FASHION.  If mass media outlets put so much emphasis on what to wear, shouldn't we do the same? 

But, if we are being forced into a particular "style" because Vogue, Essence or Katy Perry implies that it is "swagtastic", how are we channeling individuality into our wardrobes?

Are the concepts of "fashion" and "style" really the same thing?
No, they aren't. In my world, fashion is what is trending and style is something that can only belong to one personality because it is more than just clothing.

My charge to my butterflies is this:
  1. Do not forget who you are as you matriculate through your life. Make sure you are dressing to make a statement, a stylish statement rather than a fashionable one. 
  2. Always dress to impress your audience; your husband, your children, your supervisors at work. You always want to look the best you can in whatever capacity you are in at the moment.
  3. Take pride in who you are and let that translate through your wardrobe - if you have a colorful personality, add a splash of bright color with a accessory. It's all open for interpretation. 
  4. Whatever you decide to wear make sure it is something that you feel physically comfortable in. Wearing something that is not comfortable will put you in a sour mood and distract from how awesome you are (i.e. Cherisse in heels)!
  5. Shop within your budget and for your body. Do not be discouraged because your body type is different from someone else's or because your wallet is not as thick as you would like it to be. Embrace your body and budget and dress it up! Every-body has the potential to look great!

Whatever your style is, my tip is to make sure it is a TRUE representation of the person you are, the person you would like to be and what matters to you. This means that your outfit is an accurate portrayal of your personal brand, from head to toe! 

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